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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cheap Ebay purchases 2

I had this all typed up elegantly with lots of thought, and my Windows Live apparently ate it.  So you get the short version, the next post also got ate so it’ll be short too.

This is a Michigan lot I got an ebay.


My Michigan collection is getting a huge boost this week.  This lot also came with 3 cards that were in pro uniforms that I gave to Dennis at “Too Many Grandersons” at the Michigan Fan Appreciation Day trade.  I really like the newer Wolverine cards because I’m more familiar with them then I am the older players.  I’ve always been a fan but didn’t really follow intently until the last 10 years or so.


Um, this was a 20 card lot, but I show 19 and I gave 3 to Dennis.  Bonus cards!  Can’t complain about that.  Wish I would have noticed that when I left feedback instead of my usual “Thank You!!!  Great Transaction!!!”  See, it works both ways, as a buyer or a seller.  That and it’s already programmed to fill in, just double click the line and bam, it’s there.  OK, so I’m lazy too, but at least I leave feedback.


  1. Nice stuff! Ginn clearly doesn't belong in Hall's class, though--come on, Press Pass!
    The Bowman Taylor and Press Pass Branch are my favorites.

  2. It was tough to put that card on here, being that team from Ohio was on it. I guess I should have covered half of it.