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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lineage blaster #2

Before I get to this post, let me just say how much I love the Google Reader app on my phone.  I got stuck at the airport picking up my daughter due to her plane being a little over an hour late so I loaded up and read your blogs.  It’s so nice to be able to read them outside of my home when I’m bored.  Plus it cuts down on the time I spend reading them at home and maybe I can get some list done.  Speaking of, I’ve been getting a have for trade list on google documents, I know some of you use this.  Do you have to pay to make it visible?  I assume it’ll have a web address so I wondered if they charged you webspace, so to speak.  Some of you won’t like it because it’s in team order, but I plan on trying to keep up the Zistle for those that like to look at a set list.  If I ever get it updated that is.  But I am up through the Phillies in alphabetical order so maybe one more weekend and I can get it done.  I’m going to scan some of the hits and inserts in a trade bait page eventually as well.

But back to what you’re here for.

This is my 2nd blaster break of Lineage, there will probably be more being I like this set.  But I said that last post so here’s the cards.


More Yankees, shocker!  I am glad to see Thurman Munson get more cards though.  I like the McCovey with the cup as well.  The Stan Musial on the top right is a cloth sticker.


Johnny Damon (Platinum Diamond), Josh Johnson and Willie McCovey (Diamond Anniversary)  I liked the McCovey card above, I really like the sparkly one.  I only got one sparkly in the last blaster, don’t know the odds but more is always better.


Jeremy Hellickson (Rookies) and Andrew McCutchen (Venezuelan)


Cole Hamels and White Ford (‘75 mini’s).  I only got one mini in the last blaster as well.  So I’m getting more inserts in this blaster.  Maybe I can get more hits as well.


Well look at that, I got a ‘52 reprint autograph along with my relic.  Never heard of the guy but it’s still a great card.  I like these ‘52 reprint auto’s.

All the above are for trade, the below are not.


The cards for my collection, although the Ramirez is a duplicate so that will be for trade as well.  I like the Aparicio for obvious reasons.  Was hoping to get a Konerko.  Maybe next time.

Definitely did better on my 2nd blaster, a couple more inserts and the auto.  Although I have yet to get a popup, not that I have a great desire to have one, but I just noticed I didn’t.  I’ll eventually get the base added to my have list for you set collectors but if you want me to look at your list to see if I have anything you need, just let me know.


  1. I'd like to put in for the Hamels and Ford minis. I've got White Sox for you.

  2. I wouldn't mind that Chipper relic, if I can find something in return!

    As for your question about the Google Docs, making it public is free, as is publishing as a webpage. When you're looking at any Google Docs document, there's a Share button in the upper-right. Click the down arrow and select "Publish as a web page", then select "Start Publishing", and you can copy the long link at the bottom of the pop-up for posting to a webpage. Email me if you have any questions about this. If you use multiple sheets in a workbook, you can publish just one or all of them, and you can link to just one or all of them, etc. You can even link to a series of cells in a sheet.

  3. I'm sending you an e-mail about several of these. Thanks!

  4. I'd be really interested in trading for that '52 auto (Reds fan) - let me know if you'd be up for trading that. I realize I'd have to come up with something pretty good for it - you can post on my site to get back to me.