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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spiegel has Nomo Sox cards?

I don’t know if the title is true, but I’m trying to make my title’s a little more flashier.  Is it working?  Maybe, maybe not, but hey, they can be fun to think up.  Of course, I’ll probably lose followers because you all may think they are stupid.  Oh well, I’m having fun, that’s the real reason that all of us blog anyways, isn’t it?  We enjoy what we’re doing.  My wife enjoys that I blog about my cards because it means I don’t have to explain my excitement about cards to her.  Check out this card, honey!  Or this one!  This ones cool because blah, blah, blah.  Now I show off to all of you but I don’t have to explain anything, because you all know cards.  And understand my excitement over a card that probably isn’t worth much book wise, but understand the excitement of a player or team card that I like.

I had also sent a trade package to Spiegel over at “Nomo’s Sushi Platter” of some stuff he’d like.  He had mentioned that he had some White Sox relics I might be interested in so I went shopping for some cards for him as well.  Actually, traded with my cousin for some cards but it’s more or less shopping.  Here’s the highlights.


Some Topps Opening Day of which I think I had 1 card of but none of the ones Spiegel had sent.  A couple of Topps Finest that I really like, the shinyness and also the big Sox logo in the background.  A National Chicle of which I also only had one of but it was Ramirez and a Thome I didn’t have.


None of these I had either.  You can’t go wrong with a couple of HOF’ers.  I know some have expressed their distaste for the reprints of all the vintage and I am in agreement, it was great at first but like junk wax, they keep overproducing them.  But I do like the HOF cards that are different, not reprints.  So I appreciated those.  I had never seen the Upper Deck cards in the middle, I really like the looks of those, and of course one of those is a Konerko, sweet!  The bottom three are all cards from sets I didn’t have yet also.  And another Konerko.  Woo Hoo!


The Danks brothers on top, Jordan Obak auto, who is supposed to be a pretty good prospect and has looked decent in his little major league experience.  And big brother John’s jersey card.  A Paulie jersey of which I have the card, but I believe mine is a plain jersey where as this one has a stripe.  But I certainly have no problem with duplicate relics or auto’s.  A Gordon Beckham orange refractor.  And a Upper Deck Exquisite card numbered to /75.  First time I’ve seen the exquisite cards as well, did they make those things thick enough, wow!

Another great trade from another great blogger.  Thanks Spiegel.  Everyone check out “Nomo’s Sushi Platter

On a side note, I’m coming up on my 100th post already so I plan on a giveaway so keep your eyes peeled in the next week or so.  It won’t be anything special, maybe packs or cards of your favorite team.  We’ll see.  I still got a few posts to go but it’s coming.


  1. I really liked what you sent me. I filmed me showing the cards that you sent. I waited to film it because the Doyers that yousent my way kick ass. Thanks for the trade!

  2. When my cousin told me what he had and I got them from him, I was excited for you. I couldn't wait to get the cards to you. I'm glad you enjoyed them too.