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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sox for Sox, the way it should be

Steve over at “White Sox Cards” contacted me about swapping some duplicates since we both collect the White Sox.  I like Steve’s blog for obvious reasons, most posts are about the White Sox.  And he creates a card for every game the Sox play throughout the year.  Sad to say, he probably hasn’t had much joy this year in making those cards as we are under .500.  I really like the couple of card blogs out there that make their own unique cards like Steve’s or there are a few that put modern players in a vintage card, I think those are cool too.  But back to the post, I sent him about 20 or so cards off his need list, a couple even completed sets so I was happy for that because I didn’t feel like I was sending anything special.

Here’s the highlights of what he sent me.


Can never go wrong sending me vintage, especially when I don’t have them.  Which is a big list because I just started collecting again.  Really like the 2 60’s cards, the more vintage, the better.  I don’t know if I’ve seen this other set before or not but I like it.  They are labeled 1994 The Sporting News, I don’t know the premise of the set, but I like what I see.  I’m guessing the set is broke off into subsets since these 4 are labeled First Card, Spitballers and Black Sox Scandal.

Steve also sent a bunch more off my want list.  Definitely a great trader, and a great White Sox fan.  Thanks for the trade Steve, check out his blog at “White Sox Cards”.


  1. I'm glad you liked the cards! The 1972 Huntz is an OPC card, so now you can be suckered into Canadian versions of Topps cards, too. LOL

    The black bordered cards are Conlon TSN (The Sporting News). It was a set of cards that came out between 1991 and 1995, using vintage photographs from Charles M. Conlon. They are some of my favorite cards. :-)

  2. So it is, I hadn't noticed it was an OPC till you said something and I went back and looked. Some collector I am.