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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Not Lil Luis but Big Luis

Didn't get much time to post this week, I ended up with 60 hours at work which is a lot for my old, fat ass. Our whole 2nd shift was gone because of Covid so we had to stay over to cover half and 3rd came in and covered the other half. Lots of overtime pay going out but so far so good, still no Covid.

You might have heard about this guy, I even tweeted about him recently and I hardly ever tweet.

So as you can guess, there won't be a ton of cards in this post as they are harder to come by since I don't like to spend a lot of money.

I got this 2020 Stadium Club in the Nachos Grande box break. I don't really count on getting relics or autos when I join a box break so this was the card that I was hoping for.

Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes had emailed me and said he picked up a dupe of this card so he dropped it in an envelope (not from the big box he sent) and sent it to me. This card completed my flagship team set. Minus the 8, yes 8, variation cards and all of those are SP including one of Robert. He also has 3 SSP's. That just ridiculous.

These 2 cards bump up his collection to 12 cards. These are also the only 2020 cards I have of Robert.

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  1. Lots of overtime and no Covid is nice. Robert's rookie card prices... not so much. Hope they start falling back to earth as the 2021 products start hitting shelves in a couple months.


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