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Monday, August 12, 2019

Starting the week off right

I got 5 cards in 2 envelopes in the mail today. A nice start to the week.

I picked up another Ripken, my 452nd, which is my highest player collection. I paid $.47/shipped for this 2000 Upper Deck Legends card.

Another tier 2 collection card. This 2010 Topps insert came to me for $.43/shipped and is my 85th card of Johnny Bench.

I also grabbed 2 more Wagner cards, putting his collection at 9 cards. I paid $.26/shipped for the Prizm Freshman Phenoms and $.34/shipped for the Select. All 4 of the above cards came from the same seller.

Last but not least, I picked up this game-used bat from Upper Deck SP (2001) for $1.34/shipped which is a great deal. It is my 135th card of Mags and my 9th relic card of his. This card goes to the White Sox collection. Ordonez is my 3rd highest non player collection behind Frank Thomas and Chris Sale.

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  1. Sweet Ordonez! 2001 SP Game Bat was a great product. I love picking up cheap bat singles here and there.