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Friday, February 14, 2020

The last 2

* I put my January purchases on random for today's post.

This will be a post you've never seen here before. First I'll show the cards.

If you know my collections then you know that these 2 go towards the Vintage collection but why is this a post you've never seen? These were the last 2 cards I needed to complete the 1985 Topps set.

After I got my cards logged into TCDB, I decided that I would occasionally pick up some vintage cards from whatever set I was closest to finishing so I've picked up a few here, a few there. Then last month, I was down to 2 more. I paid more than I normally would for the Clemens but considering it was the last card I needed for the set, I paid it anyways. This is the first complete set I've ever collected card by card. It is definitely a rush to finish it.

The next set that I'm closest to is 1987 Topps so I'll start picking up some of those on occasion. It's so hard to pay for those cards though.

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