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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Happy Birthday - Billy Williams

Billy was born in 1938, making him 83 today.

MLB Debut - August 6th, 1959

Years Active - 

  • Chicago Cubs (1959-1974)
  • Oakland Athletics (1975-1976)
Chicago Cubs rookie

Oakland Athletics

Cards on TCDB - 1695 cards

Cards I have - 104 cards

A few oddballs from his playing days. I am missing his 1962 and 1966 Topps cards to have the whole run of playing days cards. I need to rectify that.

Where they came from - 

  • Sportslots (32 cards)
  • Just Commons/Card Barrel (17 cards)
  • Ebay (16 cards)
  • COMC (15 cards)
  • Too Many Verlanders (13 cards)
  • Baseballcardstore.ca (4 cards)
  • Crinkly Wrappers (2 cards)
  • Card Show/Kalamazoo (1 card)
  • Media Madhouse (1 card)
  • Sluggo (1 card)
  • the Collective Mind (1 card)
  • Unknown (1 card)

I don't have any autographs or relics so I figured I'd show a few of the better looking more modern cards. Most of them have a blue background, you can tell I like it when the cards match the teams.

Happy Birthday, Billy

*I have all the cards shown but the photos above are from TCDB.


  1. Replies
    1. It is very little and paper like. I googled and it's only 2 1/4" tall, that's how small. They seem like somebody just photocopied a card but that's what they are supposed to look and feel like.

  2. If someone asked me how many cards Williams had, I would have guessed 500 or so. 1,695 is shocking.

    1. I was surprised as well. I didn't think they made many cards of him anymore but apparently they had.


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