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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Lotsa Sox

 Finally got my cards from Sportlots all logged in and started scanning them, the bad thing is tomorrow we are going up to 10 hour days so I'm not sure when I'll finish. I have so many cards to get logged in for my cousin but I can't seem to finish my own. I usually ship my Sportlots box around the 1st, and it's now the 22nd and I'm still not finished. I've been a slacker.

Today you get some team cards that came from Fred, at work. There's a whole bunch of cards because they've been building up. Usually a couple of times a week, he brings me cards. On average, I have half of what he gives me but I still end up with a bunch that I don't have. They are in order in how he gave them to me.

First up is this color parallel of 2020 Panini Absolute of the current MVP. I marked this down as receiving it in May so I've had it for awhile now.

First up is this 2000 Pacific Omega of Mags, it is my 164th card of Ordonez. The Kip Wells is also from 2000 and is a pretty slick looking card, better than the scan looks.

Occasionally, Fred will hit me up with a bunch from one set. I don't know if he comes across these in his collection or somewhere else. These 5 cards put me over half way on the 18 card team set.

Some 90's White Sox studs up there with Thigpen, Kittle and McDowell. The last card is a press proof and I think it's probably the first time I've seen one from the 1995 set. The Thigpen puts me at 48 cards, almost half a century and the McDowell puts me at 56 cards.

These were the first of the 2021 Heritage that I received, although I don't think they are the first I've shown. I know everyone loves the 1972 set but I was never a fan.

Love the red, white and blue prisms, even better when it's a stud like Abreu. The 3 Abreu's up there give me 152 of him. I've been debating on starting a PC of him, he's really been growing on me the last couple of years. I've always liked him but his play has meant more to me. The Andre Rienzo is also a color parallel.

A couple of cool looking Metal Universe cards, the Durham is really cool, it looks like he's running right through the card.

Fred also sent me 3 from the 1995 Flair set, I do like the looks but I hate that the name and team are in the same color as the backgrounds. The 2 Ray Durhams up there give me 76 cards of him.

As you can tell, on this day, he gave me an assortment of cards. The Steve Sax from 1993 leaves me 6 cards short of that 22 card set but the Wayne Edwards from 1991, in the middle, completes the 33 card team set. Although, when I went to TCDB to check, they have 2 checklists listed in the team set and I'm pretty sure they weren't listed before but I guess I need those 2 now. Damn it! The oddball in this group is the 2019, it is the 150th anniversary parallel.

These 5 put me 3 cards away from that team set which is a 28 card team set. Might have to grab those on Sportlots next time.

And on the opposite side of the spectrum, those are the first 2 cards of the 1996 Ultra set. The Gold Medallion's are cool but they would have been better with a team logo or something in the background, not the Ultra logo.

Last but not least, Fred brought me these modern cards a couple of weeks ago. They were my first of the A&G Chrome and those are some nice looking cards. They've gone Chrome on Stadium Club and A&G (and flagship), I wonder if they are going to give some other the treatment. Now that I think about it, they are in Heritage as well in a limited capacity. Danny Mendick is the only one still with the ballclub. James Beard still is as well but he's still in the minors.

As you can tell, Fred gives me quite a few cards and I still need quite a few of them.

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