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Thursday, June 17, 2021

M&B Cards

This will be my last post for a few days. It is Father's Day weekend and as I have every year for awhile now, we are going camping. I won't be back until Monday afternoon so I don't know if I'll get one out then either. There's a PC birthday this weekend, I'm hoping to get it set to post on that day but we'll see how that goes.

My cousin and I are possibly making plans to go to the National this year. We'll see if everything plans out. We talked about hitting a Sox game that night as well. I'll let you know if we get anywhere.

As for today, the great random on the interwebs picked a team collection post. Fred gave me all these cards at one time or another in the couple of months.

This is my 5th card of Steve Everitt. Since it's an older card and I don't have a PC of him, all 5 of those are Maize and Blue cards.

This is a Press Pass Paydirt, which I had never heard of but there you go. This is only my 3rd card of Jon Runyan.

I got both of these at the same time, hence, the same scan. The Derrick Alexander is my 13th card of him, apparently they put out a bunch of college uni cards in 1994.

I also got this card of our current head coach, Juwan Howard. It's only my 4th card of him in the Maize and Blue, they are also 1994 so either they didn't do the same with basketball, or I just haven't gotten very many.

Fred also picked up this auto for me, I'm sure he didn't pay a bunch but I still find it odd that he picks up cards for me. I can see bringing in his old cards when he comes across them but to actively search for me is odd. Not that I mind. This is my 7th card and my 2nd auto of Navarre.

I actually have more Michigan cards from Dennis' latest package but I still haven't finished scanning them all. I've been kind of lazy this week and have been working on other things.

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