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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Quarry Sox

Just a quick post tonight. I've been spending time at my cousin's helping him sort cards so I haven't had as much time to work on my posts.

As many of you know, Cards From the Quarry, gives away free serial numbered cards on Sundays. I know this, but I still miss out on cards all the time because I forget until Monday when I go through my regular reading. I did manage to get a couple though. Technically, they aren't free but all you have to do is send a card he needs off his wantlist. Easy peasy!

Johnny sent me this rookie and all-star. I actually thought I had the Micah Johnson but I looked and I do have a purple card just like that, it's even numbered to /250 but it has an autograph on it so I was close.

The Chris Sale, 1981 Donruss look-a-like, is also a 2015 but it's #'d to /299 as you can see if you look hard enough.

It's only my 15th card of Micah but he didn't amount to much of the hype he had. Sale on the other hand, is up to 153 cards.

Thanks Johnny!

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  1. Apparently Johnson became a successful artist after his baseball career.


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