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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

He is Iron Man

The Sox were going for a sweep today against Toronto but it's not looking so good as they are on right now and down 7. Starting tomorrow, the Orioles come in to town and today's post has the guy you think of when you hear the Orioles name, or at least for us older guys and gals.

I picked up these from Sluggo, the top one is a 2007 subset. I have others so I just took a shot that I didn't have that one. I only have 3 of the 50 in the set. The bottom card is a 2020.

The next 3 I picked up at my LCS on 2 different occasions which explains the 2 different scans. The top 2 came from a dime box and the bottom from their dollar box. That top left card folds out, that's why his name is covered down the right side of the card.

This sticker came from Dennis of Too Many Verlanders. I don't think I even have any stickers from that set as it doesn't even look familiar.

Last but not least, I picked this up in the half off box from Hollister at the last Shipshewana show. It's serial numbered but it's a pretty high one. I only payed a couple of bucks.

These 7 cards give me 810 cards of the Ironman who has my highest amount of my PC's and I think I have a bunch more if I ever ship my Sportlots.

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  1. The Craftsmen insert is cool. Most of the singles on COMC are pretty cheap. Might have to pick up a few.


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