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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Help Me

 Today is a quick post because I'm sleepy. Also, I could use some help as this card is not on TCDB (or at least I don't think it is) so I could use some help identifying it.

It's a Topps with no logos (I assume they didn't have the rights back then as I know they don't now)(well maybe now that Fanatics owns them they may.) I usually look for cards by the card number on TCDB and it turned up nothing.

Either way, it's only my 2nd card of his, even if TCDB says I only have 1. I picked it up from Hollister at the last show.


  1. I think it's from a 2016 Topps Under Armour All America set - basically a card set created as a promotional item to be given away at the showcase game for high school players; I don't think logos would be a factor because it was a game sponsored by Under Armour and not necessarily high schools, colleges or related leagues.

    1. All that makes sense so I'm going with it. Lol. Thanks for the help!


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