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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Losing the window

Win 2 of 3 against the Blue Jays (a good team) and then lose 3 straight against the Orioles (a bad team). I feel like the White Sox are just wasting their "window" with this really talented team. I know injuries are a part of it but they are still fielding a decent team with the injuries. I'm over our manager too, not that I was ever really a supporter. I'm hoping they fire him and that sparks the Sox that I know they can be.

Today's post is one of our studs who is struggling as of late. I'm not too worried, I think he'll figure it out being as horrible as he was when we got him and the way he turned it around. I just hope it's before we're completely out of a chance at anything.

I got this out of the dime box at my LCS which means I basically got it for free because they usually get tossed in with my cousins bigger purchases.

Fred brought me this Optic of Lucas that I didn't have.

I picked up this green parallel of the Aces inserts from Mosaic at my cousin's, he received it in a shipment of cards that he bought from a guy in NC.

These 3 give me 161 cards of Giolito.

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