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Friday, December 2, 2022

AA to Detroit

Today's post is fitting with Michigan playing in the Big Ten championship game tomorrow. This guy went pro (and is doing pretty good) last year and we thought this team wouldn't be as good but here we are, a week after beating Ohio, again, in the championship game with a pretty good shot of the playoffs.

I picked up these 6 from Sluggo. He bought a lot from a guy in NC and these were all in there. I didn't pay for any of them, part of the payment plan for working for him.

I picked up this at the LCS. I figured it was a purple parallel but apparently not. At least SAGE didn't screw up the helmet.

I really thought this was a cool looking card. I picked it up at a card shop in Holland, Michigan. We went up to Zeeland, MI to check out a card show awhile back, we ended up not buying much so we went to look for any LCS. The mistake we made, was the card shop was set up at the show so there wasn't much there but I did find this card and a couple of others that you'll see at a later date.

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