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Monday, December 5, 2022

Expecting Good Things

We're starting to get into the trade and signing season, I saw Verlander and Turner both signed big deals. So far, we've signed Clevinger and let go our MVP. If this is the action we're going to get from the Sox, then today's guy really needs to have an outstanding season if we're going to have a chance.

I picked up these 5 from Sportlots. Some great shiny cards and a minor league with a cool camouflage minor league jersey.

2 more of the 582 Montgomery's from the LCS.

Fred brought me this Chrome Refractor in the city connect jersey. I don't see Fred too often anymore as he has moved to 3rd shift but he occasionally still brings me cards. I go in an hour earlier than my shift to spend time with my 3rd shift team members so I do see him but just briefly.

These 8 cards give me 161 cards of Timmy. Here's to him having a good season and hopefully, an injury free one as well.

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