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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Numbered Yo-yo's

I figured I'd go ahead and post tonight since I'm sitting in the storage room with one of my dogs because he's petrified of fireworks. At this time of the year (and New Years) we drag an old recliner from my son's room into the storage room, bring down a TV tray and lay out some blankets for the dogs to lay on. I was down here for about 4 hours, until midnight last night. I'm sure it'll be about the same tonight.

Today's guy, just got back from the IL where the majority of our team has spent time on this year. If you follow my cousin's Instagram, then you would have seen the last card earlier today.

I picked up this Blue Wave Refractor numbered to /75 at the Shipshewana Card Show from Josh (he's the dealer that sold me the 1982 Topps box). I just happened to see it on his table when I got together with him so I grabbed it and he gave me a deal on it.

I picked up this rookie at my LCS. I hadn't been able to find one at a decent price for awhile but I found it in his dollar box which I end up getting for free because my cousin spends so much, he throws my dollar box stuff in for free. That's why we combine our purchases when we buy.

I picked up a few autographs of Sox players that I didn't have any auto's of as well. Starting with this Moncada one. I ended up paying a little more than I would have like but it's licensed, a rookie and numbered to /50 so there was a reason I paid a little more. Plus it has a cool background.

These 3 of Yoan put that collection at 171 cards.

This got posted later then I had planned since I had to put my 70 lb dog on my lap while the neighbors were shooting their fireworks off.

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