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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

80's Vintage

* I put my February purchases on random for today's post.

Today's post is all vintage collection cards. Nothing majorly vintage but they all go to the vintage collection all the same. I told you I finished my 1985 Topps set last month so I looked to see what set I was closest to completing and when I go through a sellers cards and finish and I have a little more money to spend, I picked up a few cards from that set.

I know, that set! It's the next set that I'm closest to finishing. The good news, I haven't picked up any more from the 1987 set since these and I have picked up some older ones for next month's post. These 6 cards put that set at 721 cards which is 91% completed. While I want to finish the set, I'm not really highly motivated to do so.

I got all these from my cousin's (Sluggo) last package. The 1984 Topps Ozzie puts that set at 322 cards (40.7%). All the 1983 Topps put that set at 143 cards (18.1%) completed. I also noticed I slipped in a Mike Schmidt card in the scan, I decided to leave it on this post since it's the only card I got of him last month, that card puts the Schmidt collection at 136 cards.

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  1. I remember treasuring that Ozzie when I was a kid. I guess I didn't own the Yount, because that's a fantastic looking card and I would have remembered that one as well.