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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Captain America?

Do you remember when I said that Sluggo and I went to a card show in Shipshewana a couple of weeks ago? Well, we made another video. Not made ourselves but were filmed in the background. Then again, we're hard to miss.

We're at the 4:54 mark. 

I'm in the bright safety yellow shirt. I have to say, I look huge and it's not flattering, it doesn't help that I'm slouched forward looking down. My cousin slips out from behind me just as it flashes away. I might have to start wearing that shirt to shows in case I make other videos, it's easy to spot. 

Nobody cares about that though, you're just here for the cards. Today is another new collection.

This was the first card I got of him way back in June. It came from Fred. I was pretty happy to receive it since it was my first card of Chris, but I've gotten more since then.

Remember the show I mentioned up at the top, I picked up these 3 at that show. All for a dime each. I found a great dime box and bought a bunch of Michigan cards there.

These 2 Leaf Draft cards came in my Sportlots box last week to top off the 6 cards to start my Chris Evans collection. He is currently with the Bengals, I don't think he's playing much but he is getting a little action.


  1. His cards give me such a deja vu feeling -I feel like I am looking at Chris Perry cards from 2004 - was surprised Perry was a first round choice and not a lower round pick. 17 years fly by.

  2. Yup. First person I thought of.


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