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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Taco Sunday

 Sluggo and I headed to a card show, an actual show that was local for us. Most of them we go to are an hour or so away. It was the first one this guy was setting up and it wasn't great but we've been making some local connections which may be good for our eventual shop. I didn't buy anything and Sluggo only spent $3. Most of the dealers didn't have prices on the cards which is a big nope from us. I hate asking about every card, I'm not going to do it. I'll just keep walking. When we got back to his place though, he had a package in the mail that he bought from a guy back in NC. We had more fun going through that to be honest. You can see the some of the contents here.

For today, I'm hitting up a collection that hasn't been posted about since Christmas Eve, 2019. I didn't realize I had so many PC's that I haven't added to in awhile. I guess that's partly because I have so many of them.

I picked up these 3 on Sportlots, the Certified is #'d to /999. It's always nice to add a serial number when I paid less than $.50 for the card. All 3 of these are from 2017, he was with the Chiefs recently but I believe he just signed with the Steelers to play with a couple other Michigan guys there.

These 3 give me 11 cards of Taco.

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