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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Lotsa Lotsa Sox

 Yikes! I pulled up the random and I got the team collection White Sox. I guess the bad thing about doing these posts by random is I've gotten so many Sox cards since I posted it last time that this will be a very heavy photo post.

We'll start off with all the Sportlots pick-ups. These were all a quarter or less.

A bunch of Bowman.

And a bunch of the Gold Star parallels. Quite a bit of the team set.

Some 80's Sox, the top 3 are all part of the Vintage collection as well.

You know I love that top row. The 1968 game piece is a pretty awesome pickup for the price.

These are all also part of the Vintage collection.

Lastly, a bunch of 70's oddballs. I'd say I did pretty good with the extra pick-ups from Sportlots.

Next up are the cards I got from Sluggo's Sports Cards.

How about some more Bowman.

Some assorted A&G.

Some Donruss, new and a little older.

Some Panini Prizms. I grabbed the Crochet just because the Sox are the only team he's played for so far and he's pitching for us now.

Some various Topps.

Upper Deck.

Various cards.

Lots of 80's Sox that also go to the Vintage collection.

A couple of dollar cards he let me have. I like the look of manufactured patches but I hate what they are. A nice autograph rookie from a guy who spent most of his year with the Sox before being sent back to the minors.

Next up is some dime box material I picked up at our last LCS trip.

I was really happy with the parallel stuff up in that first photo.

Next up are a few cards that Fred brought me at work.

Fred always brings me cards that I think, I totally have those, then I don't.

Speaking of dime boxes, the next section were all dime box pickups at the card show I went to last weekend.

All but the Dallas Keutchel in the pic above were dime box. The Keutchel was $1. Almost everything up there is a parallel of some sort which was great for a buck.

Next, a couple of Sox cards I picked up at the Baseball Card Exchange awhile back.

I picked up the Smith auto for $3 and that awesome looking card of Fulmer was only $5.

Next up, Dennis from Too Many Verlanders sent some Sox cards.

You know Dennis is gonna send good cards, parallels, relics and an autograph. I'm keeping the Beckham relic even though it's a Georgia card because he spent the majority of his career with the Sox. I know he's commentating but I don't know where. He has done some Sox games recently which is why I know that he's commentating. I don't know if he's in the Sox organization though, I feel like he works somewhere else but came in to help us out.

Last but not least is all my Sox stuff from the National. I actually did a pretty good job of not spending much money the first day, then I ran into the bottom 3 photos.

I picked up the last 3 pics on the 2nd day. I spent close to $50 on all of that, which I still feel is a great price. I was excited when I ran into that table. I paid $3 for the majority of it and the 1951 & 1952 Bowman's I paid $4.

Like I said, a lot of photos. Congrats if you made it to the end to see the awesome vintage.

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