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Wednesday, September 15, 2021


I've got a surprise for you, today you'll get a Tier 1 player. Actually, that's not the surprise. I don't know if it's out there or not but I haven't seen it listed anywhere but Barnes & Noble has blaster boxes. Sluggo picked up a couple of Gypsy Queen this afternoon and he said they had Allen & Ginter as well. They limit it to 2 boxes but the price is the old usual of $19.99. Don't ever say I didn't give you anything.

I wan't lying about the Tier 1 player today though. I picked it up at my LCS for a dime.

It's always nice to get another Paulie, this red parallel card put it at 696 cards, closing in on that 700. I'm going to have to start spending more money soon to get past 700 since I have a lot of the cheap stuff now. That's the plan once I get through all my collections of the $.50 or less stuff on Sportlots. I'll move it up to $1 and see what I can pick up. I still have a few Tier 2 collections and it'll probably take me awhile to get through Tier 3 because of the players in it, there are probably a ton of cards I need.

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