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Monday, September 20, 2021

Hail to Cesar

So I finally finished logging in my latest box from Sportlots, as well as some cards from Fred, the card show and some customs I received and I added them to the list to random and I realized how big the list was getting so I made a list of all my collections and slapped a date of the last time that collection was posted. Also marked it if I had one to post to that collection so I'll post the collection that's been the longest since a post. I'll drop in new collections as well so I can slap a date on those. I realize most of you could care less how I come up with the posts, but there you go anyways.

So today, I'm going with one of the new PC's. I've had a couple of these cards since July so you can see why I'm going with the new format.

These are the 2 I got back in July from Sportlots. They were my 1st 2 of Cesar but since then, I've added 2 more.

I picked up these 2 at the card show in Shipshewana on Labor day. Both of these came out of a dime box that I picked up a bunch of stuff from.

4 cards and 2 photos but at least 2 are Michigan uni's. I believe he is the Saints starting center this year.

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