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Monday, September 27, 2021

Happy Birthday - Mike Schmidt

Mike was born on this day in 1949, making him 72 today.

MLB Debut - September 12th, 1972 (Phillies)

Years Active - 

  • 1972-1989 (Phillies)
My oldest solo card (1978)

My oldest (1975)

Cards on TCDB - 8,635 cards

Cards I have - 153 cards

I posted these 2 because I loved this set back in the day. It was an introduction to older cards (obviously not these 2 cards, I've seen 1980 & 1981 before.)

Where they came from -

I figured I'd show off some of his modern cards since I don't have any autos or relics of him.

Happy Birthday Mike!

*All cards shown are in my collection but the photos/scans are from TCDB.

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  1. I remember seeing a pallet filled with cases of those 1982 Topps Kmart sets. Back then I couldn't stand those cards. Kids would tease other kids about shopping at Kmart in my neighborhood... so I didn't want the cards in my collection. In hindsight... that was totally stupid. I wish I could go back and tell my ten year old self to "get over yourself" and "buy one of those sets".


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