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Friday, September 24, 2021

Early bird gets the Wormley

I was supposed to go to a card show tomorrow morning. Sluggo and I usually go first thing in the morning, before the crowd but of course, I got scheduled to work so we're going to shoot over after I get off for a couple of hours and if it's worth it, we may go back on Sunday. I also had an offer to go to the Michigan/Rutgers game with Dennis and I would have gone to that over the card show but again, I have to work. I could probably get out of work if I tried really hard but I have a Sox game next weekend to pay for, as well as a Notre Dame/North Carolina and a Michigan/IU game tickets to pay for so I could also use the money.

As for today's post, I went to the list and I haven't posted any cards for this Michigan man since October 4th, 2019 so it's probably about time.

I picked up these 5 from Sportlots. The 2 on the right are the base cards (Phoenix and Unparalleled) while the other 3 are all color parallels. These 5 give me 15 cards of Chris.

I realize now there is a flaw in my system because according to TCDB, I added a Wormley card in May of 2020 so either I didn't post anything about it or I didn't tag the post. Oops. Might have to revamp my lists again.

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