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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wednesday Roll Cal

 Today we have a Tier 3 player chosen by the random. Right now, Konerko, a tier 1 player is my highest player collection but once I get to tier 3 players when searching on Sportlots, I have a feeling this guy will go in the lead. He's going to be closing in after all the cards today. A lot of different sources on his cards.

These top 2 cards came from Sportlots. The McDonalds (Donruss) at the top, I grabbed from a seller that I didn't have 4 cards from yet. The same for the bottom card only he had a bunch of 2020 Stadium Club so I ended grabbing more than 4 as I grabbed a bunch of Sox and PC cards from that set.

These 2 were part of my payment from Sluggo for listing a bunch of his cards on Sportlots.

A couple of cool looking cards. The Die Cut Finest is really nice.

 Some art cards from 3 different brands.

The Topps Fire is a great looking card and I hadn't seen the Star card at the bottom before. The last 3 pics of cards all came from the Diamond King. Thanks Kevin!

There were so many cards of Ripken in this package that I just threw them up there to get them scanned. Some of those I was surprised I didn't have.

I like the leaf in the top right and the Legends in the center left. I remember buying a bunch of that Legends set back in the day.

A bunch of horizontals, that Stadium Club photo is pretty awesome. That last card is kind of creepy, I'm going to say it's the scan because I don't remember it being that bad.

As you can see, lots of Ripken's in this post. Dennis of Too Many Verlanders sent the last 4 scans as he is a mutual collection of ours. We tend to swap Ripken's quite a bit.

These 39 cards put the Ripken collection at 659 cards. Cal is 3rd with my PC's but with all the cards that they put out of him, I'm sure he'll bump right over Larkin and Konerko for my top PC once I get to my tier 3 players on Sportlots and I'm not real far from doing so.


  1. 1. Topps Fire
    2. 2001 Stadium Club
    3. 2020 Stadium Club

  2. Ripkens always look good and are hard to pass up.


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