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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Half Dollar Card Show

My Sox got rained out today but I still spent my day in my card room, finally putting all the cards I received in my last Sportlots package away. After all that damage was done, I had to add 2 more binders and I need to order more pages because I only have 10 or so left. Last time I ordered them was a year ago at the height of Covid and it took forever to get them. We'll see how long it takes this time.

Today's random popped up on some of my card show purchases but before I get to those. My cousin (who went with me) sent this to me. 

I put the link in case the embed didn't work. If you skip to the 8:55 mark, 2 big guys walk in over his shoulder. The guy in the ND hoodie is my cousin, the guy in the Michigan hoodie is me. Does this make me YouTube famous? It has over 11k views and I know everyone that watched it was just to see me in the background. It's just like that Mark Jackson card.

Anyways, at that card show is where I picked up these Sox cards. 

I picked up this 2020 Frank Thomas in a $.50 cent box. I guessed I didn't have it and I was correct. It is my 555th card of the Big Hurt.

I grabbed the Michael Jordan just because it was pretty cool with the 1986 Donruss look-a-like. I paid $3 for it, way more than my usual budget but that's what card shows are for. This is only my 15th card of MJ but I only collect him in Sox uniforms as I don't have a PC of him anymore.

These were in the same $.50 cent box, I was a little surprised to find some Sepia refractors, 3 to be exact. You saw the other in a previous post (Moncada). What was really surprising was the Moncada and Abreu, I mean Mazara sucked for us so he didn't surprise me at all. This is my 10th card of him and my 146th of the MVP.

This is one of those Living Legends cards. I didn't realize that's what it was when I bought it, I knew I recognized it just didn't remember what it was. I paid $2 for it and it is my 37th card of Avi.

Last but not least, I picked up this 1961 Post card of Turk Lown, also, in the $.50 cent box. It's not cut well but you know who doesn't care, this guy. It's only my 3rd card of Turk.

That $.50 cent box only had a few hundred cards in it, that's why I leafed through it. Didn't really figure to find much so I was surprised to find as much as I did. It was also the first thing I looked at it when I walked in the doors. As in, right about where I was when I went off camera in that video above. Small world.


  1. Congratulations on becoming YT famous! And love the MJ Broder. If I ever ranked my favorites, I think it'd be my #1.

  2. At least we can all say that we knew you way back when :)


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