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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sox Collectibles

I really wished the media wouldn't have hyped up our bullpen because ever since they did, all they do is blow games. I read somewhere where all our losses have been on the bullpen, don't know if that is true or not. We had the lead twice today and still lost in extra innings. The really bad thing is we ditched Colome, he had a good record as a closer but he scared me all the time, and picked up Hendriks and he blew the save today. Cease struggled a bit but only gave up a run and Kopech continues to look lights. Our lack of offense with all those big bats worries me more, we continue to leave a lot of men on base. I do realize we're only 9 games in and it's a long season but it worries me anyways.

I mentioned that I went to a LCS a few weeks ago. While I did buy some cards there, the majority of the money I spent was on the following stuff for my card room. I added a 2nd shelving unit in there so now I have more space to fill with sports related knick knacks as my wife likes to call them.

They had a couple of Starting Lineups of Bo Jackson in Sox uniforms and the best part, they were only $2 bucks a piece. How can I not pick them up at that price.

As I was walking up to the counter, I saw this sitting next to the counter. This McFarlane of Scott Podsednik was there for only $5. I thought it was a pretty cool figurine sliding in to the base and it's Scotty Pods who was a huge part of our World Series Championship. All 3 of the above were in their packages and we're freed upon arriving at their forever home.

This was also on the wall and was only $10. I like the vintage feel it gives off and all the different Sox logos.

Even if I didn't get a ton of cards, I think I added some pretty cool collectibles.

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