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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Jeff Getz cards

A quick post before I head off to bed. Today's random picked up the White Sox Director of Player Development because I collect all the front office staff.

Not really. I liked him when he played for the Sox and even more when I realized he played at Michigan. Double bonus! All but 1 is a parallel as I think have most of his base stuff.

I picked up this 2008 Just Minors Gold. I already have the base, auto and black auto so it's my 4th parallel.

I also grabbed these from 2011. The left card is the factory set version along with the sticker.

Also grabbed the sparkly gold version from 2012.

Lastly, the Gold version of 2013. I can't help but seeing that foot and where it's heading. Yikes!

I only have 38 cards of Getz but according to TCDB, he only has 259. That puts me as #2 on TCDB, I'm way behind some guy who's a Tigers and a Star Wars fan. 

I supposed that's fitting since I'm willing to bet that some of the Getz cards in my collection, probably came from him. I just looked, 3 of them came from him. Including 1 earlier this year.

Those 5 also make it that I have picked up more cards of Getz this year (6) then I have since 2015 when I got 9.

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  1. Mwahahaha, you'll never catch me! Unless I keep finding doubles to send you, I guess. I like the two fielding photos even if the second looks like an imminent threat to Chris's nutz.


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