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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

A squeeker

I was going to type this out while watching the end of the Michigan game but it got too intense and I had to put my laptop down and concentrate on the game (yes dear, I know they can't hear me.) They pulled it out, barely. It was really impressive considering they lost both their big men in the last minute and a half.

Speaking of big men (different sport though). Although I just Googled and he's my height and about 40 lbs lighter so if he's a big man, I'm the fat man.

I grabbed this from Sluggo a few weeks ago. It's a nice card because one, he's in his Michigan uniform and two, it looks like an 1981 Donruss. While the '81 Donruss wasn't an impressive set, it was the year I started collecting so it does hold some sentimental value.

This card of Kwity is my 10th, 9th on TCDB because I can't get them to add another one that I have.

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