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Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Kid Collection

I got all my stuff logged in from the card show. Saturday was a little busier than Friday but it was still pretty slow. Our next show is the Saturday before Valentine's Day, we're heading back to Plymouth. It's a smaller show but it's established so it has pretty good foot traffic.

I didn't post yesterday because I hadn't logged in all my stuff from the show and then when I went to post today, the player that came out on top, I didn't get any new cards of, go figure. I picked up at least 1 card of all my Tier 3 players, except this one. I did get some from other sources though.

I picked up a bunch of stickers as you can see. I love the stickers and the Expos uniforms.

All of those top 2 rows, except the top left card also go to the Vintage collection which means I'm surprised I didn't already have them. The bottom 3 however, didn't surprise me as they are kind of oddballs. I really like the Kellogg's and it's not even curved like a lot that I see.

I even got some oversized cards. I showed the top one of Schmidt earlier and mentioned I had others. The bottom card was the only oversized of that year that I picked up. The above 18 cards were all from Sportlots.

But wait, there's more...

Dennis also sent me this 2021 Donruss (1987 look-a-like, sorta). I already have the holo red and the Independence Day but I didn't have the plain ole base card, until now. Thanks Dennis!

These 19 cards put the Kid Collection at 168 cards.


  1. That 80T card is awesome! One of my favorite base cards of The Kid. I also really like the oversized Donruss cards and of course the Kellogg's too.

  2. I don't collect him, and have very few of his cards, but he sure had a lot of neat photos. Seemingly more so than most of his contemporaries.


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