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Saturday, January 28, 2023

3rd base legend

Today, we traveled up to Lansing to the card show there. It was a great show as far as attendance but our sales were down compared to our last one. We usually have a couple bigger sales that bump up the sales but we didn't have any today. We had a couple of mid-range sales but nothing big. It was still a great show financially, just not as much as we were expecting. On the plus side, Kevin bought a couple of 3 throw boxes of half off cards from Hollister's, who knows Michigan players so he always throws a bunch in. So I spent part of the show going through those boxes and filling up on cards for myself. The bad part is, I spent a fortune that I was trying not to spend. Damn Kevin! I'll log those in today so you'll start to see those mixed in with the current posts.

Today's post is a guy I rarely get to add to so it was great to pick these up. He's probably my favorite 3rd baseman of all time but I'm partial to him as he was our World Series hero.

I did only get only one though but it was appreciated. Dennis sent this to me in his Christmas package. It is numbered to /999. I have another one of these HR derby contest cards, I want to say it's a Konerko.

I picked up a couple more cards for Dennis today as well so I might almost be ready to send a package his way soon.

This is my 182nd card of Joe. Last I looked, I was #1 on TCDB. Apparently somebody logged in over 300 of his so now I'm #2.

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  1. Damn. 300 Crede cards? You've got your work cut out for you.


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