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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Nice, with an O

Nothing too exciting going on around here, we're in the midst of a snowstorm. We're getting pretty wet, big flakes and it's definitely accumulating but it's been in the 30's all day so it hasn't been sticking on the roads. It can snow all it wants as long as the roads stay clear. I'm comfortable driving in the snow and I trust myself, however, I don't trust anybody else and people can be stupid.

Today's post is another former Wolverine who plays regularly, or at least he was last time I looked.

You gotta love the cards with the Block M's. Dennis sent this one to me in his Christmas package. I told you I was still on my December pick-ups.

You've already seen this card when I posted the Charles Woodson cards, you'll see it again when I post Aidan Hutchinson so I guess you know one of the posts that are coming up at some time. It was also a Christmas gift, but this one was from my mother.

I mentioned a post or 2 ago about getting a card out of the LCS's $3/each or 4 for $10 box. That's where both of these came from as well. Can't complain about getting relics for $2.25 each, both rookies and one of them numbered. They were my 1st 2 relics of him as well.

These 4 cards give me 18 of Nico.

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