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Friday, January 27, 2023

Billy, but not the kid

I'm sorting multiple sets of the 582 Montgomery from last year for the LCS. I'm going through each set (11 of them) and pulling certain players and rookies. Although the guy who sold the cards to the LCS took out most of the rookies and huge stars but I have found a few rookies. Kevin and I are doing a show tomorrow in Lansing so I probably won't finish them until Sunday and I'll return them on Monday. Hopefully, he'll have something else for me to sort.

Today's post is old school. It's of my dad's favorite player.

I bought this from Kevin for a couple of bucks, it's the blue version and is numbered to /25. I don't even have the base.

I picked this up at my LCS, it was a throw in for helping him sort some cards. I sorted a 5000 count box and put them all in players and he let me take a stack of cards, this being one of them.

I also picked this up there, this is another card I found in the $3 each, 4 for $10 box. It's numbered to /99. I hate when they put a different teams patch on the cards. Just put him in his A's jersey on the card. I know why they did it, Cubs sell more than the A's (I'm guessing) but I think the team of the jersey should match the info on the card. This card doesn't bother me but if I was a Cubs collector and didn't catch it when I purchased, I might be upset.

These 3 cards give me 115 different of Billy. This collection is steadily moving along. I've only picked up 12 of his in the last couple of years.

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