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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Stamp collection

I started logging my cards in that I got yesterday at the show. I came home with quite the stack. I did have a few already so those are going back to Sluggo's. I actually randomed a few times today because the first 2 players that came up, I have new cards of but I haven't scanned them yet so I figured I'd wait until I can add those to the post.

Today, you get a Tier 3 collection. It's only 1 card and it technically goes into 2 collections and it's a cool looking card even if it's of the manufactured kind.

Not only is it a relic, and a stamp, but it's also numbered to 100. I know it's kind of a cheesy card but like I said, it looks cool.  Plus, even though you can barely see it, he's wearing the '83 jerseys.

This is my 204th card of the lefty. It's only my 2nd relic of his. I've been eyeballing a couple of autos that we have for sale but they are over my budget so I haven't pulled the trigger. They just keep staring at me from our showcases.


  1. Most of my Lefty relics show him with the Phillies, but I think I have one from his days with the Cardinals and another with the Giants. Don't think I've ever seen one with the White Sox. Honestly... don't even remember him playing for the Sox... but I remember seeing him wear their uniform on his 1987 Topps card.

    1. Just for a few months, the same year as the Giants. I remember him with the Phillies, that's who I grew up watching him play for.


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