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Friday, January 17, 2020

Sportlots - Tier 2 PC's, part 2

*all of these cards were $.25/shipped from Sportlots

Today we're sticking with more tier 2 player collections, it just so happens we're going with a couple of lefties today as well. Both played for the White Sox, one for most of his career, one for only a couple of years. Oh, and one is a former Wolverine as well.

These 3 Abbott's make 109 cards. It's nice that the top 2 are first year cards as well, the Donruss is the only one labeled a rookie on TCDB. The Topps is a traded and the score is a 2nd year card as a 1990.

I picked up 3 more for the Buehrle collection as well. The top 2 for the BJ's were where he finished off the last 3 years of his career and the bottom card is a second year card. I already had a Buehrle from that set but apparently he had 2 cards that year. It also goes into the Sox collection.

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