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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sportlots - Tier 3 PC's

I finally heard back from Sportlots about the missing package. Basically they said, it's still missing. He refunded me what I paid as well as a little extra so I'll be alright with it. He said it may show up later and if it does, he'll send it my way. I guess that's the advantage of buying such cheap cards, when they get lost, it's not so devastating as really having the card that you really wanted. I usually spend around $5 a week (I'm still a cheap ass) and since I had an extra $3, I spent $8 this week on my biggest package yet, 43 cards.

Speaking of Sportlots, I'm gonna start to show off my first purchases from the site. I was new to the site (still am) so I'd search by player, find a seller that offers free shipping to Sportlots and then I would search the seller for each of my player collections. I would find the 3 oldest, cheapest cards and then go to the next player. I'm sure the way I search will change, especially since the search on that site really is a pain in the ass, you can't even search by teams.

Anyways, I'll show off a couple of my tier 3 pick-ups today.

Not only did I get 3 Gary Carter's but all 3 go to the Vintage collection as well. Not to mention, I love the 1982 Fleer set, it was the first Fleer set I remember buying in packs. These 3 give me 124 cards of the Kid, 71 cards for the 1982 set and 634 cards in the 1985 set.

These 3 Ripken's add to my highest count player collection. They put it at 469 cards, slowly getting to 500.


  1. Too bad your cards got lost.

    I accidentally saved the wrong shipping address on their site and my SportLots package went back to SportLots. I messaged them and told them I would pay to have it shipped back. They said "no need", and shipped it back to me free of charge. It was my fault, but they still paid for shipping.

    SportLots is great.

    1. While I wasn't happy the cards were lost, they were more than courteous and made up for it. I'll keep shopping there.


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