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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Sportlots - Tier 2 PC's

Today, we'll head into the Tier 2 player collections that I picked up from Sportlots. I'm not going in any particular order other than I'll show my baseball PC's followed by my Michigan PC's. Although a couple of the baseball are former Wolverines.

I forgot to mention this in the previous 3 Tier 3 posts, but the majority of these Sportlots pick ups were done around a quarter/shipped. A few of them went up to $.33/shipped. Most were the minimum $.18 plus the shipping equaled out to $.07/each for shipping.

We'll start with the player everyone loves to hate (especially Angels fans). These 3 cards make 95 cards for that PC, I'm thinking I might have to pick up 5 more on one of my next purchases just to hit the century mark.

Next up, Pudge. Out of these 3 Carlton Fisk cards, the last one also hits on the Vintage collection and of course, all 3 are in the White Sox collection. These 3 make 158 Fisk's.

Speaking of former Wolverines in the baseball collection, here's 3 more cards for the Larkin collection. These 3 put that PC at 203 cards. I'm surprised I didn't have them as they are 80's cards and those are usually pretty easy to pick up.

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