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Friday, October 22, 2021

A Terrific addition

Finally, I've been waiting for this post to pop up because it's got some great cards. It's another Tier 1 card collection but some of the cards come with a story.

I picked up these 2 from Sportlots. I can't believe I got a Triple Threads for under $.50. Or the Kellogg's to be honest and as you can see, it's in pretty good shape. I just got these in the mail last month.

These 2 came to me from the Diamond King. I like the one on the right, probably because of the whole license thing.

The following 2 cards came from a guy on TCDB. He tweeted at me saying he entered all of his Seaver cards and looked at his ranking expecting to be 1st. He wasn't, by a long shot. I had around 500 and he was around half that. I told him to send me his address and I'd send any dupes I had of him that he needed. I ended up sending 25 or 30 cards and he sent me 1 card but I thought I got the better end of the deal.

This was the only dupe he had that I didn't but it worked out great because I was stoked to get this 1970 Topps Super (short print). It now sits on my shelf so I can see it (and where else am I going to store something that size).

A month later, he also sent this card to go with it. It wasn't necessary because I loved the first one but it was still something I needed.

He must have been on a binge because I just looked and now I'm currently 2nd, behind him by almost 100 cards. He has the rookie and a lot of his vintage stuff where as I don't, because I'm cheap. One day, maybe.

Lastly, I got this auto from Sluggo. He actually picked up the same card only the auto wasn't smudged so he let me have this one. Smudged autograph is better than no autograph. It's my first one of Tom Terrific.

These 7 cards put that collection at 517 cards, which is good for 2nd place on TCDB but 5th place in my own collection.


  1. Kellogg's and Sportflics/flix are always a win in my book. Nice auto too!

  2. Like the Kelloggs and awesome swap for the Topps Super!

  3. Nice Topps Super! They are a pain to store, but are very, very cool. I like the idea of displaying them on a shelf.


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