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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lil' HOF'er

It seems that the way I pick what to post has recycled around to my Tier 1 collections which I posted about at the beginning of the year.

I grabbed this one Sportlots, it's a 1981 TCMA. It was a fill in while picking up other stuff. It must not have been listed when I went through his collection.

This is an Archives from 2020, Fred gave it to me at work. It was another one that he gave me that I thought I already had. I'm just glad they didn't make these the same size as the original year.

 This card I got from Sluggo. It is my 3rd relic of Aparicio but it's my first jersey, the other 2 are a bat and a seat. Certainly can't beat a jersey relic from a hall of famer.

These 3 cards put me at 117 cards of Luis.

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