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Friday, October 15, 2021


 I'm in the midst of a wife free weekend. She took off to Virginia to see her family so I have the house by myself, sorta. My son is here, but he works tonight, is hanging out with friends and working tomorrow and working Sunday so I'm pretty much by myself. I finally have a weekend free to watch all the sports I want from my recliner without interruption. The Sox are out of the playoffs and Michigan is on it's bye week so I have nothing to watch. This is some BS! I'm sure I'll find something but the only thing I yell at are my teams and I could yell, judgement free this weekend.

Today's post is another football post. Maybe I'll watch him play on Sunday. Not sure if I get the Cleveland game, not even sure if they are playing, but you never know.

Lots of Michigan cards and the start of a rainbow. I picked up these 7 cards this past weekend at the Fort Wayne card show. They were all $1 but they are parallels so I didn't mind dropping a buck a piece. I grabbed them from the couple that I've been buying a bunch of Michigan cards from at a few shows. I didn't hit their dime boxes this trip as she had said that they didn't restock them since last time.

These 3, I picked up at the show in Shipshewana. However, I only paid a dime each for them. They also came from that same couple that I purchased from in Fort Wayne.

This came from the show in Kalamazoo. I don't remember for sure but I wouldn't be surprised if it was from the same couple as well. I know they were there but I don't remember who exactly I bought it from.

This one did not come from that couple, I really should learn their names. This one I picked up at the National (I told you I was behind). I paid $1.50. I'm pretty sure it was in a box of half off stuff. I picked up quite a bit from that seller.

These 12 cards give me 18 of DPJ so once again, I've gone and went over double what I had before and I didn't even use Sportlots for these 12.

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