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Monday, October 18, 2021

That's Amara

Just a quick post tonight as I'm sleepy, a typical Monday night of staying up too late over the weekend and can't get to sleep at a decent time Sunday night and 4:45 rolls around awfully quick when you go to bed after midnight.

I haven't added a new card to this guys collection since January.

I picked up these 9 cards from Sportlots back in July. The top 5 have a few parallels, lots of color in the top 3, not so much in the bottom 2.

It's always good to see Michigan cards, even if 3 of the 4 are edited jerseys. I do like the Classics card with the block M up there.

I picked up this serial numbered Father's Day card at the Fort Wayne show for $1. Another Michigan jersey and you even get the wings on the helmet.

These 10 cards boost the Darboh collection to 35 cards. I actually picked up a bunch of relics and a few autos before I started picking up non hits so that's another reason all these cards were good pick ups.

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