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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday Schmidt

It felt odd not going to a card show this weekend. We've gone from hardly any in the area to almost every weekend. Part of the reason I never went to any were most were further away, an hour to an hour and a half so I would never drive. Now that Sluggo is here, I have someone to head out with so we've been hitting a bunch of them. 

There was actually one this past weekend but we decided to take the weekend off because we are setting up at a show in a few weeks and we are prepping for it. We just found out next week there is one at our local mall, so no travel and we still get a show. I went to shows there when I was a kid so I'm looking forward to it.

Today's post is a Tier 3 collection. I did get some from Sportlots but those were fillers trying to get up to 4 cards per seller. Some of them came from a fellow blogger (he sent them awhile ago) and some came from my LCS.

I'll start off with a dime box pickup at my LCS. There were a bunch from this set mixed in and I picked up a couple of my Tier 3 players.

The next 3 scans were all from Sportlots. The stickers (top 2 scans) all came from the same seller. I only picked up a card or 2 then ran across these on his page and picked them up. The Stadium Club was from another seller and it was the same story, only had a card and then noticed a bunch of Stadium Club so I grabbed a bunch of PC's, including this Schmidt.

These last 10 all came from the Diamond King way back in May. I really need to get caught up on my posts.I hadn't added to the Schmidt collection since December of 2020. The top 3 all go to the Vintage collection as well.

These 16 move the collection to 153 cards which will get a big boost if I ever get around to picking up on Sportlots again as I just started doing my Tier 3 collections. 

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