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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

ROY Jake Blue

We finally got to a baseball card post, still a Michigan guy but you all should know him. I've been meaning to boost his collection for awhile and I finally did. I knew he'd finally have some cards unlike some of the other Michigan baseball guy posts who pretty much have their draft pick Bowman cards and that's about it.

I picked up these 8 cards of the former rookie of the year at the card show in Kalamazoo a month or so ago. One of those Absolute is a green parallel but you can't tell that in the scan. 

I knew after the rookie of the year that they'd start producing more cards of him. It's nice to see because I have a ton of Michigan guy football cards but not very many baseball. Excluding Larkin, Abbott and Getz because I collected them before I started collecting Michigan guys.

These 8 give me 11 cards of Jake.

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  1. Funny, I'm in the opposite situation and have more of his earlier stuff and less of the recent since his prices have gone up a bit. Very cool that you got a nice haul of him at that show. I'm annoyed that yet another RP won the ROY instead of Cronenworth or at least Bohm since those closers tend to flame out quickly and are never as valuable as SPs and position players.


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