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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Hot Peppers

Today's post is of a guy who was a beast at college. He's still playing but I don't hear his name mentioned to much anymore.

These 11 cards came in my Sportlots package. You might have seen some of these on his birthday post awhile ago. They're all pretty good cards as far as looks. Action shots and some shinyness.

I picked this one up from Sluggo. I definitely like the no borders on this.

This one I picked up at the card show in Shipshewana. I'm surprised I only found one of his considering how many Michigan cards I picked up.

This last shiny card I picked up in Fort Wayne at the card show. It was either $1 or $2. I'm too lazy to go look.

These 14 cards give me 27 cards of Jabrill. He was probably one of the most exciting players to watch in college, so much talent.

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