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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Number 2 & 11

Down to 2 more days before I head to the National and my first Sox game in a couple of years. Eloy is back and Robert moved up to AAA today so I have my fingers crossed that he'll be back on Friday for my game with the Guardians, (who?)

Today's random came up with a player we had not too long ago but I just got more in my last Sportlots package so it'll be a one scan post but it's a guy that we've seen a ton of cards on here in the last few months.

All inserts or parallels. 2 great shortstops on that last card and almost 2 Michigan men. Jeter was supposed to go to Michigan (he's still a fan) but the Yankees do what they do best and threw enough money at him to change his mind.

These 4 cards put the Barry Collection at 683 cards which is good for 2nd place in my collections. Just for kicks, I looked up to see where I'd be at on TCDB, I figured maybe top 5. I knew Chris (Nachos Grande) and Dennis (Too Many Verlanders) already had me but I was way down the list. #11 to be exact.

Did anyone catch the post title? Number 2 (Jeter) and number 11 (Larkin) but also Larkin is number 2 in my collection and my Larkin collection is number 11 on TCDB.


  1. Very nice pickups, congrats.

  2. I'm a numbers guy... so I can appreciate your title and how it paired well with that insert, their jersey numbers, and your current ranking on TCDB.


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