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Sunday, January 29, 2012

1973 Topps–Gary Ross #112, Ralph Garr #15

I’m collecting the 1973 set, slowly but surely. This post is the latest in my quest for the completion.


  • Card Facts – Gary Ross – San Diego Padres – Card #112
  • Purchase Price – $.11 (Ebay lot 40/$4.25)

If this card doesn’t say 70’s, then I don’t know what does.  The glasses, the uniform colors, the sideburns.  Yikes.  At least this one looks like it was taken after spring training.


  • Card Facts – Ralph Garr – Atlanta Braves – Card #15
  • Purchase Price – $.11 (Ebay lot 40/$4.25)

Another posed shot but you get to to see tarp in the background.  Anybody collect cards with the tarp’s showing?  You also get to see a little bit of warm-ups before a game in the background.  I find myself wondering what the logo is on his right arm.  Looks like a plant or a flower.

  • Cards posted in this set – 33
  • Total price paid – $4.48
  • Average price per card – $0.14
  • Cards left to post – 651 (including NNO Checklists)
  • Percentage posted – 33/684 (5% posted)
  • Percentage completed – 76/684 (11% completed)

Percentage posted went up to 5%.  But as of right now I can only get to 11% since that would be all the cards that I have.

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