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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Box break results

I had planned on spending the weekend scanning and getting more posts ready for the 1973 and 1981 set.  Since I posted neither today, you can see, I didn’t get done what I wanted too.  I spent most of yesterday copying over from teamsets4u.com to a want list for my Sox collection.  I figured I’d start with every card they have, so needless to say, I haven’t gotten very far in the amount of time I was working on it.  To many different backs on the T206’s, took me forever to get those logged in.  I’ll try to do better this week on getting other posts out.  I have so many different things I need to work on and I just jump back and forth between all of them.  That doesn’t help me complete anything.

Here’s my results from JABO’s box break.  I received these along with some trade cards and a huge stack of 1981’s.  He was very generous.  I had the White Sox (obviously) and then selected Phillies for my 2nd team and was given the A’s for my 3rd team.  And if you know me, the Phillies and A’s are available for trade.  He broke a Finest and a Lineage box.


You’ll see 2 Cliff Lee’s in there.  One is the Venezuelan insert and one is the base.  Gotta love the Mike Schmidt though.


And here’s the rest of the Phillies,  A couple of great players in sparkly in the Lineage with Halladay and Schmidt.  The Brown on the right is #’d /299.  I took the Phillies because #1, they are easy to trade and #2, there are a lot of stars, as shown above.


I didn’t do as well with the A’s, not even a modern star in the bunch.  The vintage Foxx is always nice because that’s the reason I like Lineage, is the mix of vintage and modern stars.  All of the above cards (A’s and Phillies) are all available.


These are the Sox cards I got for my collection.  I already had a bunch of Lineage from trades and packs I purchased earlier in the year so I wasn’t expecting much but I did get a couple that I didn’t have.  If you had asked me if I had the Chris Sale, I would have said yes, so it’s a good thing you didn’t ask.  And you can never go wrong with one of the best hitter’s to ever wear a Sox uniform.  That’s Frank Thomas, not the Adam Dunn card.  I didn’t have any Finest so those are all new to me.  Too bad Sergio is gone now though, I liked him.

If you haven’t found Kyle’s blog yet, be sure to check it out.  He does quite a bit of stuff for everyone to get involved.  So check out “JABO’s”.

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