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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trade with Kyle

Been doing a lot of business with Kyle as of late.  He’s been mentioned here on this blog 3 or 4 times in the last few weeks.  I’ve bought cards from him, I’ve gotten in on a box break of his, and now he’s become a trade partner as well.  So if you’ve not been paying attention to all those posts and haven’t checked out his blog yet, get your head on straight and head over to “JABO’s” now!  How many times do I have to tell you.

He saw some cards on my trade bait page (I need to update it) and asked for them so I pulled them aside and these are what he sent me.  You’ll see the huge stack he sent of 1981 Topps on those posts, probably for about 1/3 of this year.  But here’s what else he sent. 


This is just some of the Sox cards he sent me.  I love the Frank Thomas masterpieces card (Green framed).  The masterpiece cards are just great in general.  Then you have a couple of curved chrome refractors from Topps.  Jake Peavy (Topps) and Gordon Beckham (National Chicle), both players I like and the Beckham is #’d to /50.  And I share Night Owl’s affection for the Lineage ‘75 mini’s.  It would definitely collect that set if I was more of a set collector.  It is probably my favorite parallel with the diamond sparkly’s right behind it.  The Jim Thome UD Xponential card is just cool, nicely designed.  And with all those newer cards, he threw in a 1983 Topps Carlton Fisk all-star card as well.  And one more newer card, a Chris Sale Allen & Ginter.  I enjoy that set as far as the baseball cards go, but I don’t buy any packs because I don’t like all the other cards they throw in, so I’m always happy to get some that I don’t have in trades.

And to top off the trade, he sent these 2 great cards.

trade-kyle02     sale11toppschromeauto205

Gordon Beckham jersey card with a stripe.  I do like these A&G mini relics.  And I actually already had the Chris Sale auto I picked up in a box break but I never turn down duplicate auto’s or relics so it is more than welcome in my collection.

Thanks again Kyle, be sure to check out “JABO’s”, he has all kinds of great things for everyone to be involved in over there.

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