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Monday, January 2, 2012

Trade with who?

In case you missed it, I am a guest blogger on Dennis’ new blog “Too Many Manninghams” so if you follow me for my Michigan content, you’ll need to head over there to view it.  So this blog will be strictly baseball now.  That should make a lot of you happy, less posts you have to skip.

I traded with someone, and that someone sent me some great cards, but I can’t thank that someone, because I don’t who that someone is.  I received the package, went through the cards, set them up above the scanner so I could scan them the next day, and then didn’t get around to it till a week later.  By then, I forgot who sent it.  But I’ll show the cards anyways.


Some oddballs of some White Sox greats.  Only one I had was the Tom Seaver, but I needed another one for the White Sox collection so that worked out great.  Great players, great cards.


Speaking of great players.  7 cards of one of the greatest players to wear a Sox uniform.  Big thanks to whoever you are.  If it makes you feel better, I keep better records now.  I learned my lesson.


  1. I might have done that a time or two.

  2. Those look familiar. I think I sent those! Funny, I made a "who the heck sent me these cards!" post a couple weeks ago myself!

  3. Big Hurt! I think I have a few cards of him to send your way soon.